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1906 Fort Ringgold Baseball Team

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This alternate site will be divided into three sections: 1)Current Day Photographs of Fort Ringgold, Rio Grande City and Roma, 2)old photographs of Rio Grande City and Fort Ringgold, and 3)additional links to other sources.
Rio Grande City Main Street

Rio Grande City, at the turn of the century, was a busy center for trade and commerce.

J.D. Villarreal's Home Page

See Picture of 1906 Fort Ringgold Baseball team on the following page
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Rio Grande City's Old Catholic Church-Court House at center right
The Old Catholic Church pictured above no longer exists. The old church, as you can see, carried some Gothic style of architecture. A modern church had been build just across Britton Ave. There was no need to have two churches, so the old one showing was demolished due to the fact that the community could not support two buildings at the same time.
Picture of 1906 Fort Ringgold Baseball Team

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