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1906 Fort Ringgold Baseball Team

Current Pictures of Roma's National Historical District

Current Pictures of Rio Grande City and Fort Ringgold Page 1

Current Pictures of Rio Grande City and Fort Ringgold Page 2

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Description later as well.

Cafe Mexico- a very popular and nice
spot in its days in Rio Grande City

Indios Tohies
Cafe Mexico

Murals in Patio Area
Cafe Mexico

Fire Chief Garcia
Cafe Mexico

1930's Mural of Cantinflas
at Cafe Mexico (R.G.C.,TX)

Fort Ringgold Barracks
(Ringgold Elementary)-2001

Ringgold Barracks
( 5th Grade Campus)

Balcony of Ringgold Barracks
(5th Grade Campus)

Fort Ringgold Entrance 1848
Rio Grande City,Texas

Fort Ringgold Hospital
Side View A

Fort Ringgold Hospital
Side View B

This building had several functions:
Jail, Armory, Storage

Military Bakery
Fort Ringgold

(Riverside) Military Barracks
on the Rio Grande

Fort Mortuary Building-
present day book storage

Another Armory Building
firing range in basement

This building served as a
Cafeteria-Mass Hall

Military Administration Building in (1930's & 1940's)
WPA and CCC Fed.Programs

Robert E. Lee's House
Historical Site (year 2001)

Robert E.Lee's House
View 2 ( Year 2001)

Old Cooking Stove
Cafe Mexico

Fort Ringgold-
C&I Building

Dilapidated Ft. Ringgold Warehouse
also used during the Great Depression

Border Pacific Railroad Train
Rio Grande City (yr.2001)

Railroad came to Rio Grande City in the 1920's.
It runs from R.G.C. to Brownsville

R.G.C. City Hall-
First Bank in Rio Grande City
The Bass House

Britton and Main Street (yr. 2001)

Quiosco (kiosk)
at Main Street and Britton Ave.
Public Speaking Area

Quiosco and
Starr County Court House